Considering how much companies go on about this (we’re customer focused, we are 100% committed to our customers, we are completely ‘customer-centric’ etc etc etc) it’s astonishing how utterly awful so many of them are at delivering it.

So, here’s the Park Financial ‘easy guide’ to how to actually ensure good customer service happens.

1) Take every member of your staff aside and drill this simple concept into their head. IF A CUSTOMER HAS A PROBLEM WITH MY COMPANY’S SERVICE, WHAT CAN I DO TO SOLVE IT

2) Keep hammering that point into them until they totally get it. Make sure they realise that it’s not ‘what can John do to help when he gets back from lunch’.
It’s not ‘what can XYZ department do to sort this out’.
It’s not ‘I’ll email Tom about this. He can deal with it when he’s back next week’

It’s what can YOU do about it? What can you do RIGHT NOW?

3) If you have some staff that can’t or won’t absorb this simple instruction, sack them. Get in replacements who can

If you do that and if every man and woman on your team abides by it, then, my children, you will have good customer service.

If you don’t, all you have is a stupid ‘mission statement’ on a whiteboard in head office.

That’s what we believe here at Park Financial but, clients, you can help us here too.

If you find we haven’t lived up to this standard at any time, let us know. We won’t have meant to fail you. It will just be that the particular ‘way to help you’ didn’t occur to us on that occasion.
If you tell us, we’ll know better for next time